• We have loved this dojo since the day we set foot in the door. That was four years ago, when our son began his karate program. The teachers are warm, positive and run an excellent program!

    Heather H.
  • Morisi's DAS Academy is one of the best schools of any kind that I have attended, period. All of the senseis and shihan expertly encourage both newcomers and veterans to work at their own pace and work with you to achieve your goals. They recognize both when you need to be pushed a little and when you need to ease up a bit. A perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, training helps to focus the student on old school values, respect, and ideals for the modern world. Whether you're looking for martial arts training for your child or for yourself, I highly recommend dropping in for an introductory class. And if your children are a little older, you can even train with them.

    Kieron D.
  • My boys have been enjoying training at DAS since 2010 and for myself, 2011. The instructors do a great job teaching us the way of the martial arts. Thank you for all that you do. There is a reason why I have called it my "second" home. Highly recommend! :-)

    Randi C.
  • I am very happy with the way they teach karate and I have seen much improvement in my son's confidence and passion for the sport.

    Jessie T.
  • Best Karate school out there. All the instructors are amazing. Our daughter has not only become a better student, but more important a better person thanks to all the dojo offers.

    Rhonda P.
  • I've been training at DAS since 2004 It's a way of life.

    Barry K.


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